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Medal Guide
Trillster • June. 19, 2024, 1:10 PM (Edited)
Medal Guide

Medals are back with a refreshed purpose! In an effort to make medals less restricted to few time events, we've retired a portion of the previous medals and introduced a new, generally attainable set of medals in lieu of them.

To help our administrators out, for any medal requests, please reach out through this Google form. Note that medals will not be awarded for events that never existed on the forums and will only be awarded for projects that currently exist on the forums and are compatible with at least MM8BDM V5.

MM8BDM Contributor Medals
Awarded for having donated to keep our website running.
MM8BDM V1 Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to MM8BDM V1.
MM8BDM V2 Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to MM8BDM V2.
MM8BDM V3 Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to MM8BDM V3.
MM8BDM V4 Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to MM8BDM V4.
MM8BDM V5 Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to MM8BDM V5.
MM8BDM V6 Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to MM8BDM V6.

Event Medals
Awarded for hosting 3 planned, successful events (tournaments, collabs, etc.).
Awarded each time you win a mapping competition.
Architect (Runner-Up)
Awarded each time you place second or third in a mapping competition.
Awarded each time you win a weapon / class making making competition.
Blacksmith (Runner-Up)
Awarded each time you place second or third in a weapon / class making competition.
Awarded each time you win an art competition.
Artist (Runner-Up)
Awarded each time you place second or third in an art competition.
Awarded each time you win a tournament.
Fighter (Runner-Up)
Awarded each time you place second or third in a tournament.
Awarded each time you win a competition featuring non-traditional types of play.
Competitor (Runner-Up)
Awarded each time you place second or third in a competition featuring non-traditional types of play.
Awarded each time you rank first on either of Duel Hub's monthly leaderboards.
Awarded each time you participate in a "for fun" event (collabs, event servers, etc.).

Expansion Medals
To encourage the creation of expansions (weapon, map, and skin pack combos) which can benefit all modes of play, contributors to an expansion will be rewarded with a unique medal upon that expansion's final completion.

Rockman No Constancy Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to the Rockman No Constancy expansion.
Mega Man Rock Force Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to the Mega Man Rock Force expansion.
DOS Reborn Contributor
Awarded for having contributed to the DOS Reborn expansion.

Content Creation Medals
Awarded upon having released 5 good faith effort* maps across any project.
Awarded upon having released 8 good faith effort* weapons across any project.
Awarded upon having released 8 good faith effort* skins across any project.
Awarded for contributing to a good faith effort* classes project.
Awarded for contributing to a good faith effort* gameplay conversion project.
Awarded upon having released 3 good faith effort* miscellaneous addons.

*Whether a piece of content qualifies as a good faith effort will be determined by our administrators upon reviewing your medal request. Generally speaking, we won't be too strict on this so long as your work has care and effort put into it and it's not just medal fishing attempts.
Cutstuff Archive
Trillster • June. 15, 2024, 11:55 PM
As alluded to in Cutstuff's initial shutdown announcement, the official archive download is now here! Within the download below, you'll find a record of all threads that were public at the time of Cutstuff's closure in text format. Note that all post times are in GMT time zone.

In the interest of keeping this new site a fresh start with mostly up to date content, I'd like to ask that people don't use this archive to indiscriminately mirror old forum posts.

While the post format is purposefully similar, it isn't exactly the same, so many posts may not look right when directly copied over. Additionally, Cutstuff suffered rampant link rot (broken Discord / MediaFire links), so many older threads simply won't have useful downloads whenever mirrored.

My exception to this is for any content creators / maintainers who have relatively up to date mods. If using this archive helps you get your projects mirrored to this new forum sooner, then by all means go ahead. I'd just again recommend that you preview the thread to make sure it looks and downloads right when transferred over.

As a final note, some of the archive's older posts may contain unsavory or inappropriate content, some of which might be considered harassment today. Please keep in mind that the people who have made these posts will have moved on and many of them have grown past the more abrasive tendencies demonstrated by some of these posts.

Just because something was posted on the old forums does not mean it is appropriate to do or say here.

Download Cutstuff Archive Here!
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 9: Banana Jamma
Freems • June. 1, 2024, 11:26 PM
Cutstuff Mapping Jam 9: Banana Jamma

Hello everyone, it’s Freems and welcome to the ninth Cutstuff Mapping Jam! You may have read this exact message before but I suddenly have a forum again so I'm reposting the Jam announcement here!
please enjoy my copy/paste job.

But Freems, What is Jam? Well I’m glad you asked my hypothetical voices that live in my brain! Jam is an event where the MM8BDM community comes together to make a bunch of new maps for the game! As always though, this is not just an event for veteran mappers who have it all down, I always encourage people who have always wanted to make maps in the past to give it a shot and participate! Jam is never a contest and is just about people coming together to make some maps for fun! As such, help is always available if anyone ever needs any!

In fact, in this modern day we have a full wiki tutorial on how to get started with mapping! So if you’re interested in participating in Jam but aren’t quite sure where to start, please feel free to check out this link right here!

Jam is broken down into two phases, the piece phase and the mapping phase! Phase 1 will last about two weeks and will consist of people making a small map piece. One’s map piece acts as their sign up! You won’t be able to sign up without one!

We are also pulling a repeat of last jam’s gimmick by bringing some words being thrown into play! Along with your map pieces, you will receive three randomly chosen words! You will have to choose 2 out of 3 words that have to somehow apply to your map, albeit I am VERY flexible with how you use these words, and I honestly think bending the rules in that regard is usually really funny.
I know in the past there have been some ROUGH combo of words people have received that have stopped them in their tracks with making a map. I’m planning on taking a few extra steps to avoid especially bad combinations this go around. I’m not 100% sure of my method as of writing this post, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to vet the 3 word combos that get put together before handing them out to mappers and get rid of the truly terrible ones, that only hand out combos that aren’t just impossible to work with.

BUT here are the guidelines for phase 1! Copy/pasted as always!

Along with your map piece, please submit at least 3 words to go into the great word pool. This is the pool of words that will be handed out to the other mappers, but don’t count on getting your own words! You can give me more than 3 words but please cap it at 5 so I don’t have an endless pool.
Also to copy/paste again…
That said, there's a level of being reasonable when giving me words. Words like "Dark", "Bounce", "Fast", and "Ghost" are things that you can reasonably use in your life. But don't give me things that don't lend themselves well to mapping like "Broccoli" or something. Also nothing on the nose like "Hard Man" (which isn't even a word!!!). At the end of the day, while I want this to be a user made pool, I do reserve the right to deny any submitted words and ask for replacements or just replace them myself. And keep things PG.

We will talk about the more specific phase 2 guidelines when we get there, but if you’ve done a Jam before, odds are you know what’s up.

The next couple weeks are your chance to sign up! If you have any questions about anything, whether it be how this works or even how to do some things while mapping, do not be afraid to ask me! I am more than happy to help out!

All map pieces and words are to be submitted to my Discord (which is Freems) since Forum PMs don’t exist anymore. Submissions will close on Sunday, June 9th at 11:59pm EST (or more realistically, when I wake up the following Monday.) If you're paying attention, this deadline is extended since the last Google Doc since I want things to breathe on the new forums a little. Once we hit that deadline, I will add to this topic with the phase 2 details!

I think that’s everything I need to cover! If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!
BOUNTY - a Map Competition for MM8BDM V6C!
LlamaHombre • June. 1, 2024, 10:37 PM (Edited)

BLUF: A map competition started in 2023 with the intent of replacing MM2CRA, MM2FLA, MM6WIN, and MMWTMWS for the next version of MM8BDM.

PK3 download:

expect results very soon
A New Look
Trillster • June. 1, 2024, 6:31 PM
Welcome to the new Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch website!

Unfortunately, Cutstuff became a bit unmanageable with its age, so with that in mind, we've built this new site custom for MM8BDM with newer tools. With this new site, you'll find better integration between the forum and news blog so that new projects and events get a spotlight in their own dedicated section.

Additionally, with the introduction of a brand new server browser and Discord hub, it'll be easier than ever for new players to hop right into the action. We hope that this'll help new players become active in the community much quicker.

Let us know if you encounter any issues with the new site and we'll get it patched up quick!