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July. 13, 2024, 10:55 AM Wily inc
I've relocated this thread from projects to discussion. Don't create project threads just for the sake of asking for a particular project to be made or updated. That section should be saved for the actual projects being showcased and released.
July. 8, 2024, 7:42 PM [NOTICE] Check Here First!
I've seen lots of folks lately unaware about the numerous guides provided on the MM8BDM Wiki, so I wanted to use this thread to highlight some guides particularly useful for newer players. If you see someone struggling with something, point them here!

If you see something missing that you believe is important, feel free to make a full thread in this guides section or to leave a quick note below.
July. 6, 2024, 7:05 PM Damage Display
If you're a numbers nerd, this addon might be for you. Damage Display is a quality of life addon that helps players track their damage by providing number popups, a damage tracking UI, and a damage report on death.

Players can individually toggle each feature by typing ddoptions in their console to open the settings menu. Additionally, each feature can be toggled on the server level to be visible only to spectators using the following server variables:




Note that the damage and frag sounds that this mod implements are disabled in MM8BDM V6B and above. For those versions, refer to MM8BDM's settings for toggling the base game's damage and frag sounds.

Download Here!
July. 6, 2024, 6:33 PM Side Swap
If poor team spawns have got you down, look towards this addon for relief. Side Swap is a gameplay modifying addon that modifies 2 team LMS to use the typical ruleset of a game like Valorant or CS.

With Side Swap, players swap teams at half-time so that each set of players can play from both sets of team spawns equally. This addon also implements the overtime and sudden death scenarios that typically comes with those games, the former requiring you to win by 2 rounds and the latter being a final winner takes all round.

By default, this addon has teams play out 2 sets of overtime and if no winner still, then sudden death is entered. However, server hosts can also modify the amount of overtime sets played using the following server setting:
Use a value of -1 for infinite overtime until a winner arises (the preferred setting for competitive play).

This addon requires Zandronum 3.2 and only works for 2 team LMS with a win limit greater than 1.

Download Here!
July. 6, 2024, 6:24 PM Ping Button
Although Zandronum has voice chat now, some folks may still prefer to have it off. In that case, this addon's a good compromise for allowing teammates to communicate well. Ping Button is a quality of life addon that implements every Apex / Valorant player's favorite solo-queue form of communication, the ping system.

By typing pboptions in the console, you can bind five new keys for various pings. The following ping types are provided: a basic location ping, another for an alert / danger ping, one for a heal ping, one for an enemy missing ping, and another for a locate allies function.

Allies and spectators can see and hear these pings as an indicator of where you're at and what's going on. If someone's being too disruptive with their pings, you can mute them either via the pboptions menu or by using ignore_ping_idX in the console, with X being their player ID.

Download Here!
See here for adding class mugshot support if making custom classes.
July. 6, 2024, 6:17 PM Map Voting
Are you tired of not having enough agency over the map rotation? Let this addon save you from one too many trips to PAP03. Map Voting is a quality of life addon that implements Source game styled vote commands that you can type in chat at any time to vote for what the next map should be.

The ballot options are pulled from the server's map rotation with respect to the size limits of each map and whether or not the map has already been played. Players can customize how the voting display appears via typing mvoptions into their console to bring up the settings menu.

Download Here!
For mappers interested in adding map previews, see this tutorial page.
If you've been out of the loop, SECTINFO is a file that can be put into the root of your map pack's PK3 to provide a location name for any given sector in your maps. These location names can be seen in teammate coop info, typed out by using the $location chat command, or queried by ACS. More details about SECTINFO can be found here.

Heavily inspired by Thunderono's SECTINFO tool, this set of scripts can be used with Ultimate Doom Builder to be able to generate SECTINFO definitions right inside of the map editor. Just like the aforementioned SECTINFO tool, these scripts also support creating Domination points. Additionally, as a bonus, there's extra scripts to easily add callouts to sectors or select all sectors of a given callout.

Download Here!
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July. 3, 2024, 8:08 PM Jacob’s Skin Collection
Do not use media URLs from Discord, they're set to expire after a certain amount of time. Some of your images have already expired again. Use a proper image hosting service such as Imgur.
June. 22, 2024, 10:50 PM (Edited by Trillster) Ghouls vs Humans Arcade

Ghouls vs Humans Arcade is an asymmetrical team-based class mod designed for TLMS and inspired by CutmanMike's original Ghouls vs Humans Doom mod.

In this mode, the human team is tasked with surviving the ghoul onslaught using any means necessary while the ghoul team looks to wipe out all humans before daybreak hits. The original gameplay is kept intact while twisted just enough to better fit into MM8BDM's environment, so fans of both games can find enjoyment in this iteration. Additionally, this mod is compatible with all of MM8BDM's weapon and map addons!



Download v3a Here!
June. 28, 2024, 8:18 PM (Edited by Trillster) Project Thread Guidelines
Project Thread Guidelines

In lieu of a formal project submission process, all we ask is that you follow these suggested guidelines below. If your thread breaks too many of these guidelines, we may ask you to make adjustments to it.

Show, Don't Tell
People enjoy seeing projects much more than reading about them. Including screenshots or even videos in your thread makes it more appealing and better encourages people to give your project a shot.

Give Credits
If your project contains the work of others, please provide a list of credits in the project and / or thread. It's just the right thing to do, simple as that.

Discord =/= Storage
Don't use Discord as a storage location! If you use media embed links from Discord in your project threads, you will quickly see broken images and download links. Discord's media links expire after a certain amount of time, so they're not a good fit for forums. If you need to serve an image in your thread, Imgur is a tried and true staple.

Download Links
Making sure that your project is readily accessible goes a long way, so please keep an up-to-date download link in your project thread. Do not obscure download links behind Discord servers or anything of that sort. We personally recommend uploading your PK3 and WAD files to The Sentinel's Playground. This is the service most commonly used for hosting servers, so by uploading your files here, you make it easier for people to play using your projects.

Version Your Files
Whenever naming your project's files, add a version suffix such as "v1" or "v1a" then increment it for each new version after. Versioning your files helps people to know whenever your projects have been updated and helps server clusters such as TSPG differentiate different versions of projects.

Hosting / Playing Instructions
If your project has a more complicated load order, such as requiring multiple files in a specific order or requiring a specific map rotation, it can be helpful to provide instructions on how to get its load order right. Even further, you may want to consider providing and maintaining a server configuration that people can use to host servers more easily.

Modding Documentation
If your project makes use of DoomED numbers, ClassBase slots, CustomBar slots, translation IDs, etc, we ask that you please mirror your project to the wiki's Mod List. This is a spot where modders can document any information about their project that may cause it to conflict with other projects. By documenting this information, you make it easier for people to make compatible content!
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