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Allanx Inc Co-Owner, yuh. I also like cats.
Is it possible to make more than 5 palettes per class?
Does this mean XDM04 no longer crash servers?
June. 2, 2024, 12:03 PM (Edited by ThéophileCaceres) [Allanx Inc] MM8BDM Coop Pack
<image placeholder here>

Coop Pack
Coop Pack is a resource pack for people to make coop mods out of it. Allowing you to make your own MMSP-like maps or expansions with it!
Contains Enemies, Gimmicks, Items and a few Props.

If you wanna try this out, try Coop Mania+! It's essentially a whole "exemple" mod using Coop Pack!

It includes content from the following mods:
    - MMSP
    - MMXSP
    - 2ndCoop
    - Content made by MegaVile (Wily Inc/Plan W)
    - Content from Allanx Inc mods (Coop Mania)
    - Another Mayday
    - Endless Attack
    - Original Coop Pack assets
    - V-Classes Enemy Assists
    - Comhotel (Fishing)

What else is there in this mod?

    - Modular Enemy Painstates Slots are present, this allows for your weapon packs or class mods and others to place down pain states for the monsters present in Coop Pack. Check Allanx Weps' files for an exemple of this.
    - Endless Attack's Boss Technology is present, make bosses SP's supers and super cooldown with 50%/25% health checks and Endless Attack's protection system (albeit modified), Coop Pack made Boss health print messages to show how much health the boss has.
    - MMWORLD's Screw System is included, enemies drops screws in Coop Pack which can be used for your own custom shops!
    - Ally Translucency and Checkpoints are included directly in Coop Pack, made by Trillster/Jaxof07.
    - No Boss Invul has been added, your weapons do extremely low damage to Coop Pack bosses? just add var int user_CoopPack_NoBossInvul; to any damaging actors so they don't activate their protections!
    - I believe there's even more! But I forget about stuff...

Stuff for the full v1.2 update: NOT INCLUDED IN THE MOST RECENT FILE YET
    - Megaman 8 Death Scraps are what appears upon destroying enemies! Bigger ones even drop more! Can be disabled in the menu.
    - Boss Protection slots are a companion to No Boss Invul, as they're given upon bosses getting their protection, but their protections could conflict with actors who have No Boss Invul, so now you can use your slots to add damagetypes that deals 4x damage to not be affected. Allanx Weps has an exemple of this in it's GenericRobot slot, though if you want to make one just comment it out for now until this feature gets released!


Asset List

Tutorial and Guide List
soon around here but...

In-File Guides:
    Editor Keys - actors/MMSPEnemies.txt (GenericRobot)
    No Boss Invul - acs_source/ENDLESSATTACK.ACS (CPNBIEvent)

- Coop Pack uses DoomEdNums 21000-21329. I'd suggest starting to 30000 or for decorations, do the Bomberman 8-Bit Deathmatch method of having 1 actor spawn everything via different args and stuff. THIS IS NOT MADE TO BE HOSTED WITH MAPPACKS YET!!!

v1f: the idk update (Allanx scrambled the updates blame him)
TSPG: Quick Download
Wad Info

Forum post uses Coop Pack v1.1.1 (or v1.2?) for information, the full update is not released yet.

Finally an image!

The Vanilla+Custom Copywep Tierlist
This is a Tiermaker tierlist that I've made that has every vanilla and most weapon packs included.
Buster Upgrades are listed at the top of their category, have fun ranking!

Link to the Tiermaker tierlist:

Image List
Every weapon that's available in the tierlist, Please let me know which one I've missed!

    02/06/2024 16:33:
    When I finished with this post, also accidentally did NOT put Electric Shock in the list, it's fixed now, I will update the ALXW soon.

    27-02-2024 ~22:21:
    When this tierlist got released.
June. 2, 2024, 12:37 AM [Allanx Inc] Allanx Weps
<image placeholder>

Allanx Weps
Allanx Weps is one of the biggest weapon packs currently available if not the biggest already.
This weapon pack adds over ~300 assets* to play with, either Original or coming from another mod!

* = When I mean "assets" here I mean Weapons, Buster Upgrades or Assists.

It contains the following:
- Assets based off the Allanx Inc mods Untitled Boss System, Coop Mania+ and CursedCBM.
- Many original assets based off Dragon Ball, Megaman Fortress Bosses, content that our buddy PRBlaster made and even some Misc stuff.
- Runes to play with! They're all present and they're listed as passive-type assists!
- A lot, LOT of Dimpsy's content! Featuring Magicode, Dimpweps, DI-Classes and Buster Classes assets. This totally did not triple the mod's contents atleast once.
- Both classic coop mods MMSP and MMWORLD's weapons are here! They're more balanced to be suitable for non-cooperative gameplay.
- A few weapons from the first versions of Xover Weapons are present!
- Even Tats Classes has it's weapons put into Allanx Weps!

What can you do with Allanx Weps?
- You can disable specific groups of assets at once! This will NOT allow you to have 100% fun with this mod! But if you want a slightly calmer experience with this mod, go ahead.
- Energy Balancer Start can be enabled to give yourself Energy Balancer upon spawning, free quality of life improvement.
- Party Balls have respawn cooldowns! ...Sure!
- Training Bot (Sponge)'s HP can be multiplied by 10x! Another QoL improvement that gives me thoughts about separating these in another file!
- Disable an annoying print message telling you what's the command to access the menu! FINALLY!
- Enable Contra Mode when locked-on with Coop Pack (W.I.P) Want a much harder, special experience with your coop mods? How about this, enemy health has been halved, but you take 15x damage! And Health Capsules have been disabled! But instead of a Mega Buster, you gain a trusty, buster-like version of the Machine Gun Copywep from Tats Classes!

Download Link:
3CPB2H: the "Not late ACTUAL Hotfix" update (v3c public beta 2 hotfix)
TSPG: Quick Download
TSPG: Wad Info
Yeah honestly it's like Solarman or Sunstar they're both suns it can't be anything hotter than that I think
June. 1, 2024, 11:27 PM [Allanx Inc] CursedCBM (CBM Edit)
(Might post changelogs and links to older versions here in the future too! Who knows?)
June. 1, 2024, 11:22 PM (Edited by ThéophileCaceres) [Allanx Inc] CursedCBM (CBM Edit)
Wow, new forum:
Allanx isn't available right now so I'm gonna just wait for him to wake up to put his own Allanx Inc content (I'm talking about UBS/Coop Mania+ specficially) (+ discord invite link maybe) here.

Also no images and videos here yet literally 95% of the stuff I post about this mod are devlog videos that are only available in the discord server.

The CursedCBM stuff

CursedCBM is an edit of Class Based Modification (CBM) from 2020 (using v9eh then a mix of v9eh/v9fh, aiming to make a chaotic but fun (and fair) experience, editing every CBM class to make them more meme-y, or make them more referential, or make them more just-like-they-were-4-years-ago-because-some-stuff-gets-stuck-and-I-don't-really-like-removing-stuff. It even has it's own classes, It can be literally anything I want!

v3: The "Recursed" Update (Part 1)

CursedCBM is going through a revamp, being ported to MM8BDM V6B, built from the ground up using v9gh as a base, it's going to be sorta more "combo" oriented, all (almost all currently) classes have something that either deals Half-Shock or Shock damage, some might just slow while adding more moves and overall improving on what was done in the previous versions.

Movesets can be HUGE in this mod for some classes, I recommand using console class helps for more information for these classes, I think most of them can be understood easily, but there's B+? moves that are executed by holding backwards. (or "S" in some other... weird language)

Download Links

V3: The "Recursed" Update (Part1)
TSPG: Quick Download
TSPG: Wad Info

V2.9: The "Alright fine a hotfix before leaving v6a" Update
Here's some bold text to remind you that this is for V6A, not V6B, heh.
TSPG: Quick Download
TSPG: Wad Info
June. 1, 2024, 10:30 PM How do I shoot the Mega Buster?
Did someone told you to use the unbindall command
June. 1, 2024, 10:18 PM A New Look
I like the blues, great work