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Salutations and stuff~
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Salutations and stuff~
June. 24, 2024, 12:48 PM (Edited by __Sidle) Campaign Language Lump (v6b ONLY)
A bunch more of MM8BDM's text contents have now been put into LANGUAGE files, for easy access and manipulation.
Doing quick goofy edits for your own personal pleasure? Or perhaps translation work for other regions of the world to enjoy? This has you covered!

(campaign) - All of the boss cutscenes, NPC conversations, and more that's directly hooked into the maps and acs involved in the singleplayer story campaign. Beyond massive!
(credits) - The many contributors to vanilla MM8BDM.
(mapname) - The human readable name of each map. It's basically just a list of a hundred guys and random buildings.
(music) - Song titles, source game, and composer/arranger. (Features every boss/intense track!)
(wepitmhzrd) - All of the weapon/item/hazard obituaries, pick up messages, inventory tags, and training room descriptions.
(menu) - A small few menu related things that already existed in vanilla.

How to customize text:
    - Open "cmpgn.lang.pk3" in SLADE and search for the keyword you want. Ctrl+F is your friend! Please do not copypaste the entire contents of the wad into your own, keep it lightweight and just grab the bare minimum of what you need.
    - Create a new .pk3 of your own, and create a "LANGUAGE.txt" file inside it. You can change "txt" into a more useful descriptor as long as you have "LANGUAGE." with the period in front.
    - Inside, put your desired language identifier code in brackets as the header of the file. Anything under [default] is what's loaded in case a given language lacks a replacement for that keyword. The code [enu] (English United States) is the standard for this.
    - Copy the keyword exactly, and put your replacement in quotes. Don't forget the equals sign in-between, and the ending semicolon.
    - Load "cmpgn.lang.pk3" before your new replacement file when starting up the game. Type "language idcode" in the console to set your visible language, or "language default" otherwise.

    - Zandronum currently only supports Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement glyphs. Apologies to aspiring メガマン:8ビット・デスマッチ players.
    - Not all fonts currently in MM8BDM have images for every possible glyph. Some have a default glyph to fall back on, while others are just invisible.

When dying in the MMV chapter, you're given the option to either shoot to continue the fight from the beginning, or jump and escape back to the hub.

Holding both jump and shoot respawns you but doesn't reset the map. You postpone going back to the ship for as long as you hold down jump. You are free to take down any remaining opponents at your leisure (while hopping around the entire time).
June. 1, 2024, 10:39 PM A New Look

A new era awaits us. How exciting~