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July. 8, 2024, 10:37 AM (Edited by Messatsu) MM8BDM HyperFighting v3
HyperFighting is an attempt to speed up the overall gameplay as well as give more emphasis on survival in 8bdm.

Major changes include:

  • Weapon Overhauls: Tweaks and adjustments to every weapon to increase their effective range or provide more utility. Some weapons even received complete overhauls.
  • You Got: Start with the Mega Buster (MM4) and the Energy Balancer! The EB has been replaced with the new Energy Saver!
  • Armor Pickups: Increase your chance of survival by scouring the map for armor!
  • Revamped Shields: Shields are now hot-swappable and provide passive buffs when active, adding a new layer of strategy!
  • Slide Slide: Evade enemy attacks with a slide!
  • Classic Maps return for some reason: Relive the ....interesting old days of classic 8bdm maps?
  • Customizable Pickups: Health/Armor pickups reflect their game counterparts! (This option can be configured to your desire)
  • Customizable Item 1: Tailor Item 1 behavior to appear in front of you, under you, or based on your movement, adding flexibility to your tactics!
  • Enhanced Mobility: Experience significantly increased player mobility, opening up new routes and strategies on every map!

Questions, Comments etc are welcome!